Thanks for joining me! Have you purchased your copy of the new novella yet? Right now, it’s only $0.99 on Kindle!!!!

Only $0.99 on Kindle!!!!

Sergeant Sarina Rogers and Sergeant Cyrus Blake have been together since boot camp, becoming tried and true friends. Though, Sarina hopes someday they might become something more. When a new girl comes into Cyrus’s life, Sarina’s worst nightmares come true. She must come to terms with her feelings for Cyrus and share them or risk losing him forever.

I originally started writing this novella as part of an Anthology. Though, halfway through, I realized I wanted it to be it’s own. As a former Army Wife, I wanted to do the military justice. I know people in the military rely on their brothers and sisters in arms to have their back, and I wanted this novella to make those who read it and are apart of the military very proud.

My first novel was written about witches and magic. This is a far different story, as I tried to capture the true essence of military life from the viewpoint of a soldier in love.

My husband, who has always supported me, even enjoyed reading it for me and helping me to incorporate military jargon. He is one of the reasons I wanted this novella to stand alone and be great. And I hope it is great. I hope military people who read it can relate in some way to parts of the story, or maybe even the whole thing. That’s why I dedicated it to those who have served or are serving. In hopes that I make them proud.




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